Hey Tex, Thats Eddie’s Pocket

On Thursday’s game against Hawthorne, Tex kicked a great goal from the pocket. It was an ugly game which we should have won. The first game back after the bye round always is a hard one. It was a cold one, no rain. I was out on banner and it was a good night. The Megary Room was empty as usual, not sure if it was due to the loss or being a weeknight.

Once again round 13 passed us quietly by. That’s OK, really. They say that time heals and in this case I am trusting on that. I do get teary when I hear “Forever Young”. Phil finally went to Coach’s tree a few weeks ago. I stepped back and let him have his time. I know there are many of you who have yet to go or may never go. That’s OK too. Go when your ready.

Good news came with Tex staying put until 2021. This is me but I think the boys are wanting to stay together to finish things. There is still one piece of the puzzle missing and the boys are wanting to finish it. I was looking for something the other day and saw the picture of the painting that Coach Walsh talked about. Made me wonder what he would tell us now.

There is an open training session on Friday at Footy Park. Get there early, the kids are off on break and it will be busy.

The 19th floor is collecting some great memories over the season thus far. So many milestone games, silly goals and great memories so far. I can’t wait to add to it.

Time to make some more memories after a week off from banner.

Don’t worry Ninja’s Phil and I will be back next week.



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